We specialize in designing structural systems made of reinforced concrete, steel, timber and the traditional masonry. Our experience, craft and curiousness allows us to enter any kind of a project and to optimize used solutions both technologically and economically. We are constantly expanding our knowledge using the newest technologies in the field.

In designing a structural system we co-operate with a number of renowned companies from related disciplines such as geotechnical engineering, fire safety, modern fastening technology.


We offer professional structural assessment reports. We own specialized equipment allowing to perform a non-destructive evaluation of concrete strength as well as the position, depth and diameter of the reinforcement. Such measurements verify the strength of newly built steel-reinforced elements (or pre-existing ones in case of missing documentation) and the actual thickness of a concrete cover which is a significant factor in a structural system fire resistance test.


We provide architectural design beginning with all discipline concept designs, documentation for obtaining a building permit, working and tender designs, ending with construction supervision. We specialize in designing detached residential buildings, however, our portfolio consists of many types of structures, including public facilities.

Co-operation with experienced design offices allows us to offer the investors the newest technologies in the fields of infrastructure and interior equipment.

In architectural design we emphasize a single element which is often underestimated and is, in a way, developed as a side-effect to interiors. We have also provided designs of unique interiors for private investors.


ul. Królowej Jadwigi 192a 30-212 Kraków

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